Super Sea Legs Deep Sea Fishing

​South Florida and Fort Lauderdale is the deep sea fishing capital of the world!



  • 7:15pm-12:15am


  • $45.00 per Adult
  • $30.00 per Child ( 12 & Under )
  • $30.00 per Ride Along

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​​We make Deep Sea Fishing is Easy by supplying everything you need to fish. NO EXPERIENCE? NO PROBLEM! Fishing is our passion and the water is our home.

We don't have this distinction for just any reason. We have an abundance of different species of Snapper, Grouper and Pelagics that is the envy of the entire deep sea fishing world! The Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami waters off our coast is littered with natural and man-made reefs and structure that are teaming with fish. There are a many natural reefs that start just a few yards off our coast.

On this 5-Hour Night Anchor Fishing Trip, you will

  • Anchor on a fertile reef or wreck or pieces of bottom that hold the most abundance of fish.
  • Have the opportunity to catch Yellowtail Snappers, Mangrove Snappers. Mutton Snappers and a variety of Grouper species and more.
  • Learn from our Captains who have extensive knowledge of the area and they will instruct you on the best techniques or show you how to use our rod or reels.
  • The Super Sea Legs night trips will usually anchor on a reef or wreck teaming with Yellowtail Snappers, Mangrove Snappers. Mutton Snappers and a variety of Grouper species that will have your reel screaming! Whether it be drift fishing or anchor fishing on the deep seas, we want to make sure you catch the most fish but more importantly we want to make sure you have the time of your lives!

Bottom Fishing

Bottom Fishing can be done either anchored or drifting. While fishing a live, cut, or whole bait on the bottom anywhere from forty to fourteen hundred feet offshore of Hollywood FL. In shallow waters snappers can be caught with lighter tackle. Dropping several hooks in two hundred to six hundred feet can be extremely effective and one can never be sure what type of delicious fish will come up next! Bottom fishing can be done year around depending on the conditions.

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