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​Deep Sea Fishing & Drift Fishing in Hollywood FL -South Florida

Drift Fishing Times: ​ Monday Day Trips: We are CLOSED!

  • 8:15am-12:15pm
  • 1:45pm-5:45pm


  • $45.00 per Adult
  • $30.00 per Child ( 12 & Under )
  • $30.00 per Ride Along

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We make Deep Sea Fishing Easy by supplying everything you need to fish. NO EXPERIENCE? NO PROBLEM! Fishing is our passion and the water is our home.

South Florida and Fort Lauderdale is the deep sea fishing capital of the world! We don't have this distinction for just any reason. We have an abundance of different species of Snapper, Grouper and Peligics that is the envy of the entire deep sea fishing world! The Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami waters off our coast is littered with natural and manmade reefs and structure that are teaming with fish. There are a many natural reefs that start just a few yards off our coast. The manmade and natural reefs are a breeding ground for microscopic organisms that are food for bait fish, shrimp and plankton. Small fish such as Ballywho, Pinfish, Goggle Eyes, Speedos and others will feed on them. In turn these fish are food for bigger fish such as Peligics, Mutton Snappers, Mangrove Snappers, Giant Groupers and much more. During our day trips depending on the conditions most of our fisherman prefer drift fishing trips to target giant King Mackerel, Mutton Snapper, Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Cobia the Vermilion Snapper and more.

Artificial reefs made up of anything from brick piles, tires, and hundreds of sunken ships intentional and non-intentional. Some ships have been in the South Florida waters for decades and others have been in the Fort Lauderdale Miami oceans for centuries, thus attracting the deep sea fish that are the target of all recreational and professional deep sea sport fishing enthusiast alike.

**Daytime Sailfish, Kingfish, Dolphin, Snappers, Wahoo or even the nigh time swordfish are just some of the possibilities deep sea fishing on the Sea Legs III. The possibilities are endless in the Ft. Lauderdale , Hollywood , Miami waters. Whether you decide to go drift fishing or anchor fishing you and your guests will have the deep sea fishing experience of a life time!

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